Tempt App Guidelines

Tempt is a social media platform created to benefit social media stars to engage with their fans.

Tempt allows social media stars to post specialist content for their fans and allows fans to direct message their favourite stars and receive personalised messages back from them.

We have created this guide to underline the ground rules of Tempt. We must enforce these guidelines strictly so please ensure you comply to ensure your account does not get reported, suspended or in the worst case scenario removed. 

Brand Promotions: No brands or Apps/websites of a similar nature to Tempt can be promoted through Tempt.

Screenshots. Screenshots of any content posted through Tempt are strictly forbidden.

Pornographaphic content. Is not allowed on Tempt. 

We have created this platform because social media stars have fans all over the globe who wish to receive bespoke content and engage in direct conversation with them.

Obviously in most instances fans admire the beauty of their favourite star but please remember that most fans just want to feel special and connect with you, we do not allow nudity or posts of a pornographic nature so please bear this in mind when connecting with fans.

When sending broadcast posts (posts to all followers) please remember:

No posts of a pornographic nature are allowed and no nudity. Use your broadcasted posts to connect with your fans and then use private replies to create bespoke content specifically for that fan.

Nudity is not allowed.

Please remember other users can report you. We have to enforce our rules so if we receive reports of nudity or content of a pornographic nature within your account this will have to be investigated and could result in your account being suspended or even terminated.

Direct Replies

Try sending direct replies to your fans by using their name and talking to them directly. We have found stars that create this type of bespoke content create a loyal fan base who open their broadcasts and engage in direct messages with them daily.


As highlighted above screenshots are strictly forbidden.